5 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Articles

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Plain blocks of text are off-putting

When someone arrives at your website they take a few split seconds to decide if they’re going to stay or click to the next interesting website. You have a few split seconds to keep that website visitor and engage their attention. How do  you do that? There are tried and tested methods you can use to effectively keep people on your page and get them to read your entire article. Here’s how the experts do it:

  1. Photos
    Photos are visually appealing and naturally draw the reader into the page and catch their attention. A few well-placed photos makes an article appealing and the reader will take a little more time to find out what you want to say. Have a look at this useful article for finding free images
  2. Captions & Quotes
    Set important messages apart and make them leap out of the page by putting them in captions or quotes. When people are skim reading their eyes naturally focus on these, making them one of the first things that people read on a page.
  3. Subheadings
    Break up your text and include subheadings. Summarize what you want to say in the subheading so that the reader can very quickly grasp what you want to say in the entire paragraph. Your actual text serves as additional explanation.
  4. Bold and Highlights
    Following on with the concept of summarizing what the reader is looking at, bold or highlighted words to make your points stand out from your text. Those bold fonts will draw attention to important details, but remember to use sparingly. If the entire page contains multiple words that stand out then the overall desired effect will be lost.
  5. Inverted Pyramid
    The information on your page should adhere to the inverted pyramid writing style. This is a popular journalistic style of writing where the most important information is showcased by placing it at the top of each section. As you read through a section the information becomes increasingly less important. However your attention was captured in the beginning and engaged you enough to keep you reading on.

Most importantly make sure you are writing interesting articles for your readers. Your readers won’t stay around if your articles are poor quality, so make sure you focus on writing interesting and engaging information. Format it correctly and you’re onto a winner.


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