Analyse and Optimise Customer Keyword Searches

Go to Marketing>Search Terms and you’ll find an invaluable record of all the search terms the visitors to your site have ever used. Click twice on the ‘Number of Uses’ column to sort from highest number of searches.

Unusual Data

There are some weird search terms that have probably been created by robots/automated programs e.g.  search terms like  ‘ or 1=1– . Those search terms can be deleted.

Create Targeted Content

The great thing about these ‘Search Terms’ is that you can point particular searches to particular pages of your website. Click one of the search terms to edit it e.g. ‘red’. Now enter the URL which shows all red items in your website i.e. hand-picked, red items that you want your customers to see when searching for red items. This gives you full control over what your customer sees.

Valuable Insights

The Search Terms also provide valuable insights into what your customers are looking for when they arrive at your website. You’ll probably find some useful information which will allow you to create even more in-depth custom content for specific search terms which have a high level of searches.








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I studied mathematics at university, taught myself software development, honed my skills with multinational companies such as IBM and have set up and sold my own businesses. My perspective covers the all important period when a business moves from small and successful to substantial and market-leading, and my personal experience allows me to provide online solutions that give business leaders mastery of their online presence and control over business development.

  • just building a Magento site and wondering why the search was so useless – thanks for this !

  • Perry

    Thanks for this great post! I’d like to add some things.
    1. It’s advisable to track site search with Google Analytics as this lets see detailed reports on customers’ search terms and act accordingly. For example, if somebody looks for the product you have but uses a synonym, the product may not be found, it means that you lose potential orders.
    2. Default Magento search looks for search terms through all product attributes which results to irrelevant search. So you can set a priority for product attributes as product title is more important than reference in description, for example. I don’t know how to make it programmatically, I’m using a search pro extension by amasty for that.


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