The Business Process Documentation Tool

An easy-to-use tool for creating and sharing business procedures with your staff.

Your very own website for sharing information with your staff and clients. Sensitive information can be hidden, shown only to those with a login. Pages can be set to show only for specific groups e.g. managment, admin staff, private client groups etc.

Specific pages can also be published for everyone to see, making it a perfect solution for sharing business FAQs and information.

The search feature provides quick and easy access to information.

Business Process Documentation Tool

An invaluable business tool with no expensive user license fees!

Business Process Documentation Tool Features

Page Visibility Restricted to Groups

Create staff groups e.g. Sales Staff, Management etc. Pages of information can then be restricted to each user group e.g.

  • Financial procedures are only visible for admin staff,
  • Information about your CRM is only visible for sales staff,
  • Supplier information is only visible to management,
  • …and so on…
Staff Documentation Tool

Publicly Visible FAQs

business processes tool

Your documentation website can also be used to create and share information with your clients.

Simply set selected page access to ‘public’ and that page will be immediately visible for anyone to see.

Provide your clients with really easy access to important information that you want to share with them. 



Your Own Business Branded Documentation Website

Your very own documentation website will have:

  • Your business logo displayed in the header.
  • The URL link to  website will contain your business name.
business branded documentation tool

Fast Access to Information

Easy to use:

  • Focal point search feature, ensuring super fast and intuitive access to information.
  • Pages organised into categories with an overview on the homepage.
  • Click on the category to view all pages in that category.
business documentation tool categories
business processes documentation tool

The Business Process Page

Easy to use:

  • Table of Contents index. Clicking the links takes you to that part of the page
business documentation index

Easy Page Creation

Easy Page Creation

Easy editing:

  • Automatic ‘Table of Contents’ generated from your headings and subheadings.
  • Easy to add images, bullet points, links etc.
  • Set access to public, for staff groups or private (only for yourself).
easy business documentation

Flat annual fee. Create as many staff logins as you need with no restrictions.


Why Choose BizDocs?

  • Simple, fast and easy to use for creating, editing and sharing business process documentation.
  • Search feature for quick and easy access to information.
  • Create staff user groups and restrict content to particular groups.
  • Create publicly visible FAQs for your business.
  • Secure data storage, adhering to EU GDPR requirements.
  • Affordable, with no expensive ‘per-user’ license fees.

€99 / year + VAT

Includes annual hosting. No additional costs.