Add a Little Christmas to Your Website

Are you a Christmas fan or a bit of a Scrooge? Whatever your preference you might want to consider livening up your website with a bit of Christmas cheer for November and December. This brings your website to life and makes it look up to date and ‘lived in’. We all feel more welcome on a website that looks nicely set out and appealing to the eye, so add some of that warmth a cosy Christmas feeling to your site too with the following ideas.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are American sale days immediately following Thanksgiving. The British equivalent of these days from a business perspective might be the January Sales. As the ability to purchase online has broken down many barriers for consumers purchasing goods and services abroad, we have grown accustomed to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and these sales opportunities are also slowly being adopted in the UK as well.

Help Potential Customers Find You

Take a look at any business forum and you’ll see that many small business owners struggle to attract visitors to their company website. Imagine if you could get inside the mind of your customer and know exactly what words they use when searching for the products or services you offer? Having such insider information can put you miles ahead of your competitors and can help you get those elusive website visitors.

Finding those keywords is not as difficult as you might think, and doing keyword research is absolutely essential in ensuring the online success of your business. Think about it for a minute; if you don’t know what terms your customers use when searching for what you offer, then anything you do to win their attention is just a best guess. Let’s face it, guessing in business is never going to make you successful.

4 Fun Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

halloween themeThe leaves are changing colours, and I bet you can notice the chill in the air. Kids are planning their costumes while parents are digging out the spooky decorations from last year. Finally Halloween is here! While there are more than one ways of enjoying the holiday, why not take advantage of Halloween excitement for your business?

Here as some Halloween marketing ideas that could improve your revenue as a retailer or a service provider.