SEO Research & Strategy

SEO research involves 1. in-depth research to identify your business keywords, 2. competitor analysis will show how businesses on the top spots of Google have achieved success, 3. site audit and 4. analysis of current rankings.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

We invest time in marketing your business, writing content and fixing technical issues. This is not a one-time effort that you can pay for and achieve top results within a couple of weeks. Getting to the top takes time. Even when we get you there, we need to invest time to keep you there. As a business owner you’ll need to consider if the investment is worth it. How much is it worth to have your business appear in the top spot on Google searches?

Research shows that business appearing at the top (#1 position) get 30% of those searches clicking through to their website. What does that mean? If there are 5,000 searches in a month searching for ‘sushi restaurant’, that means the website appearing at the top will get 1,500 visitors in that month. If your site doesn’t appear at the top of the results, the chance are that nobody clicks to see your website and you get no visitors from Google. What’s that worth to your business and should you invest?

Experienced SEO Research & Advice

We need to spend at least 2 to 3 hours a month on your SEO marketing, for a minimum period of 6 months. Results differ across different business sectors and the more competitive the market, the more time we’ll need to invest. Every business is unique so to get a better indication of the time required, you can ask for our initial SEO research service.

This will take a look at your market, your competitors, your keywords and give you an indication of the investment required in terms of SEO to get you to the top. We will provide a report providing you with many invaluable insights including what your competitors are doing, and if you have a hands-on approach you can even implement some of the SEO tactics outlined.

There is a setup fee for all SEO campaigns as we invest many hours of research at the beginning of your project. You’ll receive in-depth reports about your business keywords and competitors, and at this stage we create an SEO plan for the coming months. We will also set up Google Analytics and a Google Business Profile if you don’t have these yet.

The setup fee starts at €350 + VAT, depending on the business sector you’re in and what your business offers. The more competitive your sector and the more services you offer, the more time it’ll take for us to carry out research for you. In addition to the setup fee there is a monthly fee for the regular SEO tasks we take care of every month. You can set your own monthly budget for this but we require a minimum of investment of €140 + VAT / month. We need to spend a certain amount of time on your project every month in order to achieve results, and because results are achieved slowly over time then we work with a minimum period of 6 months.

For more information or for a quote please contact us.