wordpress is better than weeblyWhy Convert from Weebly to WordPress?

Many people starting out in business want to keep costs right down and choose to create their own websites. Using services such as Weebly makes this a fairly painless process as they offer an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface which will get a fairly decent looking, simple site up and running in no time. Roll forward 6 to 12 months into your new business and you’ll probably find that your once easy to use website is now becoming inflexible, frustrating and not very practical in terms of essential technical features such as SEO friendliness. Switching to WordPress is usually an unavoidable necessity for anyone taking their online business seriously. WordPress will offer you unprecedented flexibility and unlimited technical features if you have it customised to your specifications.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress has been around since 2003 and has emerged as THE most popular website solution with over 60 million people choosing it over any other solution. The software is free to use, exceptionally easy to install and use, and development costs are much lower because it’s so simply and easily coded. WordPress has excellent features which are ready to use as soon as it’s installed, and you can customise it with a rich selection of free or commercial plugins, or you can even have it customised to suit your own business requirements.

Is WordPress or Weebly Better for SEO?

Without a shadow of a doubt WordPress is far superior in terms of optimising for search engines! There are a number of very advanced SEO plugins which are available for WordPress and allow you to optimise your website to a very advanced level. Weebly does not offer this level of SEO customisation.

Why Use a Professional WordPress Transfer Service?

There are a number of things to consider when you move your website from one platform to another. To name just one of them:  due planning and technical implementation needs to be carried out so that your old pages redirect to your new pages. Failing to do something like this will result in the loss of your existing search engine rankings and your website traffic will quickly disappear over a few short days. Therefore migrating from one website platform to another is something you’re really going to need specialist, professional technical help with.

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