7 Easy Organic SEO Methods

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seoThese days it’s all about organic SEO, which means doing SEO in a natural manner. Here we take a look at how to get related websites linking to your own website articles, which is also what you need to make it into the search results. Just how do you get those often difficult to obtain links from other websites? I’ve been doing natural, organic SEO for 8 years now and here are a handful of my winning methods:

  1. Contribute to Forums
    Find popular forms related to your niche and become an active and useful member if they allow you to put your ‘signature’ on your profile. You’d be best including a link to your website and your business tagline in your signature – keep it simple. Your forum signature is then appended to all your replies and posts, creating those lovely little links back to your site. Be as polite, friendly and nice as you would in face-to-face situations and these sort of contributions will be considered organic SEO attempts.
  2. Q&A Webites
    A similar concept to the forums idea, you can offer your advice on Q&A websites and have your source linking to your website. A couple of the most popular Q&A websites are Quora and Yahoo! Answers. You can get more specific in some niches e.g. there are Q&A websites dedicated to providing in-depth technical support for IT related problems. Offering relevant help and advice like this is definitely a great way to achieve organic SEO.
  3. Blog Commenting
    The thing to remember here is keep it relevant and don’t spam people’s websites as this will have the opposite effect. Remember that organic SEO has to be natural – just contribute to the conversation as you would in a face-to-face conversation. Always be as nice online as you are in person: be friendly, polite, offer help and join in the conversation. As long as you do this your comments will usually be published. Add your website link in the ‘website’ field when you reply, and your name will become a clickable link back to your website.
  4. Create Web 2.0 Pages
    Web 2.0 websites are the main players on the internet when it comes to creating information pages. Think Squidoo, WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, Flickr etc. The idea behind this one is to create useful and valuable information that will interest people enough to click any link back to your website. Write an article about something related to your products or services. Try to find a natural opportunity to mention your own website and include it. If your links do not appear in the natural flow of the article then this cannot be considered organic SEO
  5. Directory Submissions
    There are a lot of free directories as well as paid directories. Unless you have a large business and are able to compete with the bigger players, I would seriously not recommend paying for directory listings. Just do a quick search in Google for ‘free directories’ and also ‘free directories UK’ if you’re in the UK (you get the idea – replace the area with your own area)
  6. Article Marketing
    The idea behind this one is to create an interesting article related to something in your niche. Mostly you’ll be able to link to your own website in the text of the article, otherwise you will be able to add it in the author section at the bottom. If you’re not allowed to do either then don’t bother with this method. This method has lost a lot of clout since the Google updates from the beginning of 2012 onwards. Be sure to choose one of the larger and more well respected article directories. The smaller article sites were abused by spammers and many have lost favour with Google. The better article directories will actually monitor what you’re doing and your articles will not be published if you’ve copied them or if you submit poorly written items. This is therefore a good example of organic SEO – the editors will help determine if your articles are naturally interesting. Examples of larger, quality article websites are EzineArticles and GoArticles
  7. Guest Blogs or Articles
    This is a fabulous technique to get under the noses of thousands of people in your target audience. Don’t just leap in here like a bull in a china shop – if you want to get your article on a well respected blog or magazine then you need to think this through. After all they’re not going to accept just anybody’s articles. Make sure you have a solid online profile which displays that you are an authority on your subject: this might be your own website, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter profile etc. Take some time to introduce your self if it’s a smaller blog you want to write for, or put an irresistible offer on a plate a larger online magazine.  The idea behind this guest blogging or guest articles is that you get the all-important ‘author bio’ at the bottom with a link back to your website.

Organic SEO in a Nutshell

The most important thing is to remember to keep your organic SEO techniques as natural as you can. It’s about getting out there and mingling online, but do it in a nice way and as you would if you were networking with other people face-to-face. That’s what organic SEO is all about.


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