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Let’s admit it, most of us find blogging difficult because we’re not natural writers. However once you get used to writing regular articles you’ll start to find that not only do you really enjoy it but you’ve probably got TOO many ideas and not enough time to write about all of them.

Writing a blog provides you with a chance to share your knowledge and promote your business in an interesting way. Here are some great ideas for blog articles:

Common Customer Questions

We all see those same old questions that crop up week in and week out: the common questions that we’re so used to answering that we could probably do so in our sleep. Those are the perfect topics for blog articles so let me give you an example here. I ALWAYS get asked about how to do social media, and what kind of things could one possibly tweet or post about? I answered this burning question in my article Social Media in 30 Minutes per Week. Write down a list of questions which are particular to your business e.g. if you have an online fashion retail business you could write about how and why different shops use different measurements for the same clothes sizes and what to do if you don’t know which size to choose when buying online.

Share News in Your Niche

Set up a news aggregator like and set it to collect and publish news within your niche e.g. bridal fashions and weddings. Get used to checking headlines and reading interesting news articles a couple of times a week and make a note of anything that your audience might like too. If you see common trends emerging or a really big news item then you might want to dedicate a blog post to it, or at least mention these things in your next article. For example if I were writing for my bridal gown eCommerce website blog this week I might want to mention George Clooney getting married to Amal, and that gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress she wore. I might want to do a bit of research and mention other celebs that choose Oscar de la Renta and write a little about the designer himself.

peek-behind-the-scenesPeek Behind the Scenes

Admit it, we all like a good nosey don’t we! Why not share some news about your business and or your staff? Is your business having an anniversary, has it been mentioned in the news, have you just hired someone new, do you do anything to help charities etc. A short article about any of these things accompanied with photos will make your company look more ‘human’ to anyone on the outside looking in via your blog. Pro Blogger Darren Rowse explains this perfectly in this article: “For example, a bamboo company can’t expect to rank by simply regurgitating common bamboo knowledge at this point. But, if they involve images, video and marketing writing that involves their farm, their day-to-day operations, their installations etc. that is unique. That’s what most of the competition ISN’T doing.”

Case Studies / Customer Spotlight

You must have a few business success stories you can share with your audience and your clients, especially if they’re business clients, will normally appreciate the extra business exposure that a case study will bring.

Keep a Blog Inspiration File

If you’re looking for even more ideas then check out 56 Ideas for Blog Posts for Your Business Blog by Darren Rowse.  As you get ideas and inspiration which are specific to your business it really helps to write them down in a spreadsheet, along with comments and ideas about each topic. You can use this list each time you’re due to write another blog article.

Did you find these ideas useful or do you have more ideas to share? Please do so in the comments below.


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