Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Our domain registration service is a little different than most providers. We will actively manage your domain configuration and settings for you. You will also have full access to do this yourself if you wish. Most of our clients prefer our managed service as domain settings can get quite technical!

The most popular domain extensions for our clients are .com,, .nl and .eu. For other domain extensions e.g. .studio, .global etc please ask us for pricing.

Domain Pricing

Most domain registrations are available at the cost of €18 + VAT for one year. For UK clients this is £17 / year.

Domain Renewal

You will automatically receive an invoice to pay for your domain renewal before it is due. Invoices are sent from our billing system. Please make sure the renewal is paid in time to prevent domain suspension. There may be additional expenses to retrieve domains that are renewed AFTER the expiry/renewal date.

Domain Check

Check if your domain is available: