SEO Services

Need a helping hand getting your website to the top of the search results?

Look no further… we have years of experience in SEO and help our clients to attract more visitors via searches. We specialise in local SEO as well as national SEO.

At Elan Creative we use a combination of the latest strategies to produce top results for our clients. Our team are always up to date with the latest tried and tested techniques. With our SEO services you can expect higher search engine placement and higher volumes of visitors to your website.

Your project is always dealt with by experienced, capable consultants who know how to do search engine optimisation to grow your business. You can trust us not to use any questionable techniques that may get your website banned. Ever.

All SEO Service Tasks

There are many elements of SEO and as a website design and development company we can take care of absolutely all aspects of your SEO project. This includes fixing any issues e.g. websites previously created with incorrect SEO friendly formats, and fixing issues that are flagged in Google Search Console as affecting the quality of your website.

SEO Services

SEO Keyword Research

Keywords are words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. Our SEO campaigns start with identifying what those keywords are, including keyword groups and how they will be used on your website to achieve higher search engine visibility and placement.

Onpage SEO

Sometimes there are elements of your website that need to be changed in order to make them more search engine friendly, and that mostly involves website development customisations and changes. Our website development team can also take care of this.

SEO Link Building

The importance of building great quality links has never been higher. That means getting links to your website from other quality websites which are in a similar category or niche to your own business website. Our SEO campaigns include building quality links that put you ahead of your competitors.

Site Audits for SEO

Our SEO solutions include full technical website audit which determines what is needed for your SEO campaign e.g. what issues are affecting the performance of your website. We can then take action to resolve issues and get search engines to index pages it previously rejected.

Speed Optimisation for SEO

Page loading speed directly affects SEO rankings, with faster sites being placed higher in search results. Our own in-house web development team are used to fixing problems resulting in slow websites and optimise for fast loading time.

SEO ~ Higher Rankings

We constantly monitor the success of our search engine optimisation campaigns and report back to you with details of search engine rankings. Our reports show fluctuations in rankings, targeted keywords and also increases in visitors to your website and the resulting increase in sales.