Website Design Process

Although each project is unique, we have established a 6 step process that ensures your project is completed on time and is created to perfection.

We take our time to discuss and understand your ideas and vision for your business. We believe that we can only create the perfect website for your business if we understand it and can think along with your vision. Of course we’ll also gather all of your website requirements at this stage too.

We’ll convert your requirements into website specifications and we’ll discuss options with you and advise about the implications of choosing a particular solution over another. At the end of this process we’ll have a full set of final requirements to work with.

We’ll use the requirements from the previous step to create a website design according to your requirements. We will ask you to review and provide feedback at various stages throughout the design process.

The process of creating the custom features and functionality of the site is part of the development process. This is where we shine – the more complex your requirements, the more we enjoy working on your project! Anything is possible and we delight in turning your ideas and vision into reality.

Thorough testing means that your customers experience a smooth and pleasurable online shopping experience with no hiccups or nasty surprises. We will make your customers’ experience the best it can be.

Of course our website projects do not end the moment they are published. We create custom video tutorials for each project to show you how to maintain, backup and edit your new website and we’re only a phone call away if you have questions. Our websites are 100% guaranteed so if you find something isn’t working as it should then we will fix it.