Wix to WordPress Transfer Service

Switching from Wix to WordPress is usually the best option for anyone wanting to progress on to having a more professional business website

Why do Businesses Choose Wix?

When starting your new business you’re absolutely right in wanting to keep costs down and you’ll probably end up learning a lot of new skills so that you can do things yourself instead of paying others to do them for you.

Creating a website is something a lot of new business owners do and using a services such as Wix gives you a simple drag-and-drop web administrator to create a simple business website in a short space of time. Let’s assume your business starts to thrive and one year on you’ll probably find that your website isn’t performing well in the search engines and that it’s not as flexible as you now need it to be.

 Should I Move to WordPress?

Switching to WordPress is usually the best option for anyone wanting to progress on to having a more professional business website: WordPress will offer you technical flexibility and fabulous ready-to-use features.

WordPress began in 2003 and with over 60 million people choosing it as a website solution,  it’s by for the most popular website platform around. WordPress is not only easy to install and use, it’s also free. Furthermore development costs are much lower in comparison to other software solutions because it’s so simply and easily coded. With a suite of excellent features ready to use as soon as it’s installed, you can add even more features in the form of  add-ons/plugins.

Wordpress to Wix transfer service

Is WordPress or Wix Better for SEO?

WordPress is one of the best websites for SEO as it’s easy to do SEO to a very advanced level without having to implement all kinds of technical changes. There are a couple of SEO plugins that are free to use for WordPress and will allow you to carry on optimising your WordPress website straight away. Wix does not allow you to perform such advanced level of SEO customisation.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Wix to WordPress Migration Service

When you move your site from one platform to another you’ll need to implement correct planning and technical procedures. Failing to do this will probably result in the loss of any existing search engine rankings, and your website visitors will disappear at the same time. Transferring from one website platform to another needs specialist, professional technical assistance.

Once you’re happy with your new WordPress website we will then replace your Wix website and we’ll even provide you with a personal, custom video overview showing you how to edit/create/delete pages in your new website.

We offer a Wix to WordPress Transfer Service

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