3 Favourite Webdesign Projects from 2023

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We had the pleasure of designing and redesigning some pretty awesome websites in 2023! Here are 3 of our favourites, but before we move on let’s also mention that we’ve been featured on Design Rush and also gained Conversion Rate Optimisation certification this year.

User Experience Website Reorganisation and Redesign

We were called in to sort out a really important website, which helps patients with rare diseases to find the right diagnosis and treatment. The project belongs to a department within Amsterdam Medical University, and the site was not being used by people involved in the project. We came to the rescue and redefined the terms used on the site, and replaced them with good old plain English, making the site instantly much more user friendly. Then we reorganised everything into audience groups, so that each group can now easily find what they’re looking for. Last but not least we redesigned the site giving it a much friendlier and pleasant look. We loved this project because we could see the issues and we could see immediate measurable improvement soon after the new site was launched.

medical website redesign

New Webdesign for Dental Practice

We designed a beautiful new website for LR Smiles which launched late 2023. The site included registration forms and some SEO to make sure that the business is visible for local searches in their area.

dental practice website design

Film and TV Costume Designer Website Design

Oh my! When Carole reached out to us, we really, really, REALLY wanted this project! We love to work with creative people as the collaboration on such projects always ends up with something really truly unique. We focused on Carole’s portfolio and emphasising her experience, and we encourage her potential clients to reach out to her through friendly, encouraging contact forms.

costume designer web design

Awesome Webdesign

Are you tired of an outdated, messy website? We can help! Have a look at our portfolio so you can get a good feel for our style of design: our webdesign portfolio and then reach out to get a website quote.






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