4 Fun Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

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halloween themeThe leaves are changing colours, and I bet you can notice the chill in the air. Kids are planning their costumes while parents are digging out the spooky decorations from last year. Finally Halloween is here! While there are more than one ways of enjoying the holiday, why not take advantage of Halloween excitement for your business?

Here as some Halloween marketing ideas that could improve your revenue as a retailer or a service provider.

halloween marketing incentives1. Market Your Service Using a Halloween Theme

One of the best ways to make the most of Halloween in terms of marketing your services is to select a theme that somehow relates to your line of business and use it to kick start your marketing campaign. This idea particularly works well for small business owners and professionals. If you’re a chiropractor, you may consider using skeletons, a dentist could use a Count Dracula theme and pest removal services may use bats while a home renovator could do with creepy old mansions. If you’re stuck for ideas you could just add a few pumpkins to your website and email newsletter to give it a festive makeover.

halloween offers2. Offer Halloween Products and Incentives

Offering incentives is a proven way of attracting customers to any business. A Halloween themed product will certainly grab your customer’s attention as well. Some of the Halloween marketing ideas to inspire you on this front include:

  • Offering Halloween discount voucher codes valid until 31st October
  • Creating special Halloween themed pumpkin treats and food decorations for bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants
  • Offering Halloween nail designs with bats, witches and other scary stuff for nail salons and spas
  • Holding a ghost hunt or murder mystery for inns and hotels

halloween marketing3. Throw a Halloween Party

If you have customers that enjoy a little competition, why not organise a costume contest for prizes and discounts. This can be an incredible Halloween marketing idea especially when trying to create brand awareness in your community. Market the event about a month in advance, ensure that it is a good social event and perhaps raise money for a charity while you’re at it. Besides having a good time, this will eventually turn into a Halloween party where revelers will develop a relatioship with your business.

halloween website theme4. Give Your Blog a Makeover

Value is the core component of blogs. Adding value to your blog gives an opportunity that sets you on the correct launch pad to scale your Halloween marking campaign to new heights. Give your blog or website for that matter a makeover using graphics that will bring extra smiles to your readers. Write a Halloween themed post for people to enjoy reading or add some Halloween icons like I’ve done here.

seasonal offers

Halloween is a fun time of the year to celebrate the silly and spooky so try using these Halloween marketing ideas to get your customers and employees into a “spooktacular” mood.

Do you have more ideas? Please share them below.



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