How to Add Rich Snippets to WordPress

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Rich Snippets are pieces of additional data that you can add to your website, which subsequently show up in the search results. Have a look at the example below to see how one website is using rich snippets to their advantage – someone searching for courses can immediately see the course dates and prices. This has the effect of enticing a higher amount of clicks, because the listing is much more useful and relevant.

Rich Snippets in Search Results

You can include a variety of additional data in the form of rich snippets, which is also known as microdata. For more information on exactly what you can add, check out the following:

A quick look on the site shows us that there is an Education  Event which will allow us to add course dates and prices, as shown in the example above.

Other microdata that you can include are author information, product photo, product price, product brand, customer reviews and contact information.

Rich Snippet WordPress Plugins

If you have WordPress the good news is you don’t have to figure out what code to add to your site because there are some great plugins:

Preview Your Website’s Rich Snippets

You can use the following  to preview your rich snippets to see if the data has been added correctly:

Rich Snippets have been around for a few years already but because of the absence of plugins like the ones mentioned above, they haven’t been widely used at all. Things are beginning to change a lot now though and website owners are adopting the use of rich snippets to attract more visitors via their search engine result listings.

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