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I love everything about fashion so naturally my favourite businesses to work with and promote are those in the fashion niche. I’m often asked what could possibly be so different about promoting a fashion brand? Well where should I start – there are SO many different platforms and tools you can use if you  have a fashion business so I decided to share a few.

Social Fashion Community Sites

polyvoreIf you’re not involved in fashion much then this can be a big eye opener for you! There are plenty of social fashion website around and if you can manage to get a following in any of the following communities then this is going to make a difference and will attract more people to your brand:

Polyvore is a site where you can explore your talents as a fashion stylist, copy products from websites and use them to style a look into a creative moodboard. Obviously the more people love your products on here, the more publicity you’ll get. Visit the Polyvore site:

Lookbook is full of creative youngsters who like to dress up, have great pictures of themselves taken, and then post their styled looks for all to comment on. Visit the Lookbook site: is another site where you can create lookbooks. Check out their website:

We Heart It is a bookmarking site for fashion and accessories. If you like something while you’re browsing you can bookmark it, and others in the We Heart It community can like your bookmarks and favourite them too. The more likes you get, the more visitors you’ll see originating from this website. Visit the We Heart It website here:

Fashion Marketing with Social Media

Social media platforms are just PERFECT for fashion because they provide people with the opportunity to see, share, like and favourite your fashion product photos. Take it a step further and you can share discount codes on banners, launch giveaway competitions and put customers in the spotlight by showing everyone how lovely they look in your latest new dress!

We’re not just talking Facebook, Twitter and Pinstagram but also Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and anywhere else you can share photos of your apparel and accessories.

Fashion Shopping Websites

Shopping websites seem to be going out of fashion, excuse the pun, so I’ll only mention this briefly here., ShopZilla, PriceGrabber are just a few of the big name websites which will allow you to add a ‘product feed’ to their websites which will list your products. You usually pay each time someone clicks on one of your products and is redirected to your website, so this is really a form of advertising rather than marketing.

Fashion Blogging

The fashion blogging community is HUGE and they blog about every single variation in the fashion niche: about baby clothes or adult plus sizes, about shoes or jewels, about makeup or beauty, and just about anything and everything in between. Big deal I hear you thinking to yourself? Well yes it is, because bloggers are always on the look out for ideas to fuel their writing habit. Obviously you need to take time and network with fashion bloggers who you think are a good fit. They’re not just going to write about you if you don’t take your time to get to know them and offer something in return, e.g. regular mentions on your own social media about what a great blogger they are and encourage people to follow them. The key here is to offer something of value and not just expect things. Remember that bloggers are aware they shouldn’t be taking payments to blog about something unless it’s clearly mentioned as a ‘sponsored post’ and doesn’t have any ‘dofollow’ links back to the advertiser’s site. If you haven’t got time to spend building up a blogging network then you could also jump straight to the point by offering review products which are basically free giveaways in return for a product review and write up.

Keep Up With Fashion Trends

I don’t mean keep up with fashion trends by knowing what colours are in this season. I mean keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of fashion online – be part of the online fashion community and make yourself heard. This provides you with much more opportunity to promote your products on a relevant platform, and seize opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden to you. Find a few fashion websites that appeal to you and follow them on a regular basis, and do the same with fashion brands and communities on social media.

Fashion is a highly, highly competitive market and is continuously changing and evolving every few months with Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.  Fashion marketing is equally challenging and you must have a definite voice and a strong brand in order to be successful. Pick some or all of the ideas above to use in your marketing campaign and make sure you set a certain amount of hours aside every week to market your fashion business.  The key to ANY marketing campaign is regular and continued effort.


  1. Vivienne Aiyela

    Thanks for a great blog. Found the information so helpful as I am looking to expand and develop my website and fashion styling business. I have been using the Polyvore website but its good to know that there are others out there too.


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