All That You Didn’t Know About Marketing on Google

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Marketing on Google is now more complex than just optimising your website or selecting Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Google has now concocted a host of applications to help you clamber up the search engine result pages and stage a triumphant podium finish. An empowered AdWords, Google Communities, Google Places, and Google Authorship are the little-known but immensely-powerful tools that will help your SEO efforts.

Build Your Reputation with Google+ Communities

Businesses that care about garnering the +1’s from their target audience just cannot ignore Google+ Communities. G+ Communities are created to focus on specific topics and give like-minded members the chance to discuss ideas, share new knowledge, and express opinions about subjects they are passionate about. Businesses can search for G+ communities that focus on topics related to their offerings and get on board to hobnob with community members who are their prospective clients.

In fact, you have considerable chances to convert these community members because they are focused leads. So businesses should use G+ Communities to engage with their potential clientele by dispensing advice on these platforms and sharing interesting stories through images and videos.

Stamp Your Authority in Your Niche with Google Authorship

The Google Authorship feature lets the author of a write-up published on the Web link his work to his Google+ profile. This establishes the authenticity of the written piece and also helps the writer position himself as an authority in his niche. The AuthorRank is a measure of how established an authority you are in your field, measured using a combination of factors like the number of +1’s your posts garner on an average, how many times your write-ups are shared, and the number of circles you are in. The higher your rank, the more authoritative you are.

Business owners should use Google Authorship to establish themselves as authorities in their niche and build trust and confidence both amongst their customers—both individuals and other businesses.

Google author listing

The Google Author feature places your photo in search results

Go Places with Google Places

This little-known tool in the Google armory allows businesses to obtain an edge over competitors with focused local search engine marketing. A Google Places listing enables you to mark the address and exact location of your brick-and-mortar store on a map along with detailed driving directions to lead your customer to you. The listing also lets you incorporate crucial bits of information like store timings, coupons, discounts, photographs, and even videos to lure your potential customers. With Google Maps now available on smartphones, Google Places can help you move on top of location-based search results.

Derive More from AdWords

AdWords is now more powerful because it opens the door for businesses to incorporate information such as third party feedback, awards, and ratings in their AdWords listing. This is akin to enabling your potential customers to learn what the general market perception is about your business. Your ad thus stands out amongst the competition and your potential clientele can attain terrific vibes about you right from the search engine result page.

The business community is only slowly waking up to the immense untapped potential of the above-mentioned Google features and tools. You can have the first mover’s advantage if you press the button now!


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