How to Schedule WordPress Backups Using cPanel Hosting Admin

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  1. Log into your cPanel e.g. (make sure you replace with your own website domain)
  2. Scroll down the page and click on WORDPRESS in the SOFTACULOUS section:
  3. In the OVERVIEW tab you can see your WordPress installation listed. Click the EDIT icon as shown below:wp-edit
  4. On the next page simply select the options which enable ‘Auto Upgrade’. Choose how often  you want to backup and what backup rotation you prefer. The backup rotation of 8  in the example below means that 8 weeks worth of backups are going to be stored on this hosting account (make sure you have enough space in your account to do
  5. In your cPanel admin e.g. (make sure you replace with your own website domain), you can see how much space you’re currently  in the left sidebar
  6. To calculate how much room you have for backups, you’ll need to know how big one single backup is. Go back to the Softaculous dashboard, then go to the Backups section to check the file sizebackup-size


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