Local SEO Services

The goal of Local SEO is to place your website at the top of local search results in your area. This is ideal for businesses such as restaurants, salons and local shops within a particular geographical area.

Local SEO is the process of getting your website to the top of the local search results i.e. when people in your local area search for your services or products. This is typically required by businesses who only serve clients locally e.g. restaurants, hair dressers, taxis and any other service which provides a face-to-face service with customers. Local searches are displayed on Google Maps: the initial results, shown below, show the top results. If you click “more places” this will open Google Maps and show a list of local businesses matching your search on the left. As a business owner, you’d want to appear at the top of the search results.

 LOCAL search results appear at the top, underneath Google Maps:

local search results on google maps

How To Get to the Top of Local Search?

So how do you get to the top of the local search results? This is achieved using a combination of techniques, and those techniques are constantly changing. Why? Because Google continues to improve search results by continuously making changes to improve the quality of what is displayed. Which is a good thing! At Elan Creative, we keep ourselves up to date with what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t need to figure it out yourself.

In a nutshell, here are the things that we take care of to achieve top rankings:


First and foremost, we take our time to understand your business and the services/products you offer. We’ll ask you what your ‘keywords’ are. Keywords are the words or sentences that people type into Google search to find you. Using the few keyword ideas you have we’ll do in-depth keyword research which will tell us many things we need to know to lay a good foundation for the work ahead: we will find out how many searches there are each month for each given keyword. We’ll also uncover keywords you perhaps didn’t think of, and we’ll also discover the keywords that your competitors are already ranking for. Keywords are everything. Choosing the right keywords from the outset means we’re working towards achieving the best possible results for you.

Create an SEO Strategy

We’ll use the information gained from keyword research to create a strategy for the coming 6 to 12 months. This is based on:

The state of your current website: does it have good information, does it have any technical SEO errors, is it easy to use and is it fast). Typically we’ll write awesome descriptions of your services which include your keywords, fix problems and make it fast.

Your competitors: if you’re in a very competitive niche then this will require more effort over a longer period of time. In the short term we’ll aim for less competitive keywords before aiming for the more competitive ones. We’ll gain a foothold and then build on it.


Another way that Google factors into its ranking process is to measure how good your service/products are, and one of the ways it measures this is your customer service success. Online reviews are gold, and it’s not just Google reviews but reviews from other sites such as Facebook. We will work with you to encourage your customers to leave reviews in a way that is convenient to them.


When a potential customer lands on your website they need to feel that your service matches their needs. The page needs to match what they were searching for to be relevant to them i.e. it needs to match with the keywords they were searching for. This is how you appear in the Google search results in the first place i.e. their search matches what you’re offering. We will write a good description of your services, including your keywords, so that people can find you via Google AND once they arrive at your website they will see that you’re relevant to what they’re looking for.


There are many factors that determine how your website ranks in Google including how fast your website is and how easy it is to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices. That means your site needs to be fast and it needs to look really good on mobile. As website developers we have the technical know-how to fix problems and optimise your website for the best user experience.


Last but not least, and probably the most important part of SEO, is getting other businesses talking about you online. This is a vital signal that tells Google you’re a valid and well-respected business worth mentioning. This goes a long way to validating that you offer a quality service, which means a lot when Google decides which businesses to place at the top of the search results. They want to provide quality services in their top search results, and this is one of the top factors that they take into consideration. We will take care of building networks with other businesses, based on the quality of service you offer.


We measure the success of your SEO campaign by monitoring keyword position in Google as well as the amount of visitors your website achieves every month. You will receive monthly reports to show what progress we’re making.


SEO is a longer term strategy which produces results over a period of months. Building a useful website that has authority and trust doesn’t just happen in a couple of weeks. It happens naturally over time. That’s why regular effort needs to be invested in promoting your website with useful content, getting real reviews for your business, and making your website fast and easy to use. These are all things that help to get your website ranking higher in the search results. Google rewards quality above everything else, and if you want your website to gain favour then it needs to deliver.


We can get your website to the top of Google by helping you to promote your business services/products in a way thats you noticed. This requires a lot of time and effort and we need to spend a certain amount of hours every month to achieve this.

We take care of the research needed to pinpoint what customers are searching for to find you (pinpointing your keywords) and writing excellent information related to your service offering. We’ll make sure that your website functions perfectly and loads quickly for optimal customer experience. And last but not least we’ll ensure that your customers leave reviews and that other websites give you a mention. These are all vital factors that ensure success when it comes to search engine placement.


We invest time in marketing your business, writing content and fixing technical issues. This is not a one-time effort that you can pay for and achieve top results within a couple of weeks. Getting to the top takes time. Even when we get you there, we need to invest time to keep you there. As a business owner you’ll need to consider if the investment is worth it. How much is it worth to have your business appear in the top spot on Google searches?

Research shows that business appearing at the top (#1 position) get 30% of those searches clicking through to their website. What does that mean? If there are 5,000 searches in a month searching for ‘sushi restaurant’, that means the website appearing at the top will get 1,500 visitors in that month. If your site doesn’t appear at the top of the results, the chance are that nobody clicks to see your website and you get no visitors from Google. What’s that worth to your business and should you invest?

We need to spend at least 2 to 3 hours a month on your SEO marketing, for a minimum period of 6 months. Results differ across different business sectors and the more competitive the market, the more time we’ll need to invest. Every business is unique so to get a better indication of the time required, you can ask for our initial SEO research service. This will take a look at your market, your competitors, your keywords and give you an indication of the investment required in terms of SEO to get you to the top. We will provide a report providing you with many invaluable insights including what your competitors are doing, and if you have a hands-on approach you can even implement some of the SEO tactics outlined.

There is a setup fee for all SEO campaigns as we invest many hours of research at the beginning of your project. You’ll receive in-depth reports about your business keywords and competitors, and at this stage we create an SEO plan for the coming months. We will also set up Google Analytics and a Google Business Profile if you don’t have these yet.

The setup fee starts at €350 + VAT, depending on the business sector you’re in and what your business offers. The more competitive your sector and the more services you offer, the more time it’ll take for us to carry out research for you. In addition to the setup fee there is a monthly fee for the regular SEO tasks we take care of every month. You can set your own monthly budget for this but we require a minimum of investment of €140 + VAT / month. We need to spend a certain amount of time on your project every month in order to achieve results, and because results are achieved slowly over time then we work with a minimum period of 6 months.

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