About Nina Young

Founder / Designer / Project Manager / Problem Solver

Nina found her love for website development by the most direct means possible – she delights in creating beautifully designed websites and solving the most stubborn technical issues and problems.

When working on website projects she aim to see clients’ online business goals achieved through higher sales and automated systems. This means streamlining as much as possible, while implementing excellent usability and considering conversion best practices. A website should be doing it’s job, which is attracting more sales ie. converting visitors into enquiries and sales.

Originally Nina taught herself software development, which led to dual IBM Advanced Professional Application Developer and System Administrator certifications and many years as a professional software and web developer. In 2006 she started a website design, development and SEO services business, which was re-branded as Elan Creative in 2020.

Elan Creative combines Nina’s love for creative website design and problem-solving development. The experience she has gained though the many years of helping online businesses to success is used to advise clients on every project. This helps to give Elan Creative clients the best strategic edge for their online business and  website.

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conversion rate specialist

Conversion Rate Specialist

Good website design isn’t just about making a pretty website. A website should always have goals i.e. to generate leads, sales, donations or whatever else it is that your business needs.

At Elan Creative one of our first questions when starting any project, is ‘what are your goals?’. We craft your website layout, style and copy to draw your visitors into taking the actions you want them to take. Simple and distraction free. That’s what good website design is all about: make it super easy to get your visitors to take the action you want them to take, and encourage them to do it.  

Nina is both UX Designer and Conversion Rate Optimisation certified. This means she knows how to design and optimise your website to make it perform, and to achieve your business goals. 

Dinosaur Certifications

Advanced Application Developer certification

Way back when, Nina was an IBM advanced application developer and certified IBM system administrator. An IBM certification is one of the most prestigeous, proving not only knowledge but also adherance to methodoligy and organisation. In other words, learning how to build solid foundations for solutions.

Nina has been a professional website developer since 1999. Here are some of her old certifications. No longer valid, as IT certifications need to be renewed every few years, these are still fun to display in the ‘dinosaur certifications’ gallery.

System Administrator Certification