WordPress Security Announcement: Revolution Slider

There has been a recent announcement by the developers of the Revolution Slider which is sometimes used for homepage sliders. It is very important that you check you have a secure version of the homepage slider, otherwise your site may be at risk of being hacked.

  • Log into the WordPress admin area
  • Go to the plugins screen
  • Locate Slider Revolution and/or Showbiz Pro plugin(s) in the list
  • Check the version number(s)
    • If you have a version of Revolution Slider plugin that is 4.2 or higher, or Showbiz Pro that is 1.5.3 or higher, your plugin has already been patched. No further action is required.
    • If you are using an earlier version, you need to download a patched version of the plugin and install it immediately

If your site has been created by us in the last 3 months then please let us know and we will update this at no charge. If you prefer assistance in checking and/or upgrading this plugin please contact our support and we’ll do this immediately (hourly rates apply).

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