5 Fashion Branding Tips When Using Social Media

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Social media marketing is one of the most important things that you can do for your fashion branding your business. Unfortunately, there are many businesses that fail to brand themselves as much as they should when it comes to promoting their business. By following these 5 fashion branding tips, you can ensure that your best foot is forward when promoting.

Use a Great Photo

There are still a lot of fashion businesses out there that have failed to use a great photo within their social media profiles. This is the photo that’s going to appear as an icon of your business. It can be in the form of a logo, a headshot, or a picture of the front of your store. Regardless of what photo you use, it has to be clear and paint a positive image of your business.

You likely have multiple social media accounts around the Internet. You should plan on using the same photo for each one. Why? It helps with branding. You don’t see Gucci using a different logo on every form of marketing that they generate do you? Your social media photo could be your logo and should be an extension of who you are and what your brand represents. If you use the same image, people will begin to remember where else they saw you – and this is how you develop brand recognition.

fashion branding

Update your social media profiles to include photos from each season’s collections

Include Links

Include links when you create a social media profile. Be sure you include your website as well as any other links that are pertinent. This can include everything from the link to your fashion trends blog to your designer profile page on LinkedIn. Be creative – and be sure to use the same links wherever you create a social media profile to ensure people have various ways to connect with you.

If you are going to post within a particular profile, be sure you use a link – but do not overuse them. One out of every three to five Twitter tweets should use a link – and the same can be said for Facebook posts. You don’t have to include the full length of the URL. You can use shorteners, such as the one at Goo.Gl where you can shorten your URL significantly.

Pay Attention to Your Verbiage

The verbiage of your profile as well as all of your communication needs to be the same from profile to profile. Hopefully you have already understood the importance of social media marketing.

When you have the same verbiage and “voice” from profile to profile, people never have to question who you are and whether you are the same fashion brand they found once before. If you are a country store, you may want to have an “accent” in the comment that you write. If you suddenly fall out of this voice, it is going to jar people away from you. Whether you post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, FourSquare, or anywhere else, the verbiage has to be similar because this is painting a picture of who you are and what your values are as a company.

Keep Your Private Life Private

This is one of the most common mistakes with small fashion businesses and brands. It’s too hard to create two different social media profiles, so you use one for everything. One minute you are talking about a sale at your business and the next you are bragging to friends about the fact that you ran in the Boston Marathon. This is confusing and unprofessional for your followers.

You MUST keep your private life private on social media so do yourself a favour and create two profiles. On Facebook when you have two profiles and when you are logged in, the top of the page will show you which you are logged in as and this will ensure that you are posting appropriately. It can even work to your advantage because you can ask your friends to come over and “like” your professional page, thus tapping into their friends, too.

If you do make a mistake and post something under the wrong profile, just go in and delete it before you confuse people.

Post Similar Messages

There are plenty of ways to post similar messages – or even the same message. Twitter has a function where you can post a tweet and it will automatically post on Facebook. Instagram and others have similar features. If you do want to write separate messages, keep the themes similar – at least from week to week. If you’ve posted a new blog article about the gorgeous items you saw in this SS 2014 catwalk collections then tweet and post about it several times during the week, but each time mentioning some different point in the article.

With these branding tips, you can use your social media and brand yourself better within the fashion market.


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