Google cannot access CSS and JS files on your website

Our FAQ will show you how to fix the problem which has recently started appearing in Google Analytics: “Google cannot access CSS and JS files on your website” appearing in their Google Analytics account since the end of July 2015. This directly coincides with the latest Google Panda update so CSS and JS files are now being indexed by Google too (for reasons we will discover).

Help Potential Customers Find You

Take a look at any business forum and you’ll see that many small business owners struggle to attract visitors to their company website. Imagine if you could get inside the mind of your customer and know exactly what words they use when searching for the products or services you offer? Having such insider information can put you miles ahead of your competitors and can help you get those elusive website visitors.

Finding those keywords is not as difficult as you might think, and doing keyword research is absolutely essential in ensuring the online success of your business. Think about it for a minute; if you don’t know what terms your customers use when searching for what you offer, then anything you do to win their attention is just a best guess. Let’s face it, guessing in business is never going to make you successful.

25 Percent Drop in Website Sales: When Website Redesigns Go Horribly Wrong

huge drop in sales after website redesignI received a call recently from someone who, after a website redesign for his e-commerce business, was experiencing a 70% drop in website visitors and a 25% drop in sales. This resulted in his business operating at a loss over the last 2 months and needless to say he was feeling a little distraught. This is what happens when a seemingly simple website redesign goes horribly wrong.