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social media in 30 minsDo you find social media daunting or do you find it one of those pain in the neck chores? If yes then this article was written just for you!

We’re often asked for advice on how to even do social media for business, and a lot of you have no idea where you can even find the time to do something that you have no clue about. Therefore we have devised a Social Media in 30 Minutes Per Week which will equip you with the knowledge and tools to promote your business on social media in just 30 minutes per week.

1. Get Blogging!

A blog provides a platform for you to shine and for you to show of your expertise and skills in your particular niche. Your blog posts also provide something for you to Tweet and post about on social media. This kind of social media post is THE most important, because they attract your followers back to your own website and show off YOUR business. If you really can’t think of what to write for your blog check out our Business Blogging Ideas and if you think it’s just impossible then opt for a writing service like iWriter and get someone else to write for you instead.

2. Read Interesting News in Your Niche

Stay ahead of what’s happening in your  niche and regularly read news and articles and SHARE them with your social media followers. Use FlipBoard, or other similar site to create your own magazine which auto populates and updates with articles on the topics you specify e.g. sport, weddings, diets etc.

3. Post and Tweet Regularly

As with any form of marketing, continued and regular effort is the key to success. You’ll need to send out new tweets and posts regularly in order to benefit from social media and this can be very time consuming. Imagine getting all of your tweets and posts done in just 10 minutes every week? Thanks to BufferApp that’s actually now entirely possible as you can quickly and easily share interesting articles on your own website (step 1 above) and other websites (step 2 above):

easy social media with bufferapp

  • For those using a laptop/PC, you’ll need to add the BufferApp extension in your Google Chrome browser
  • For smartphone users with Android, you can use this download: BufferApp for Android
  • For iPhone users you can use this download on iTunes: BufferApp for iPhone

Note: BufferApp is free to use for up to 3 social media profiles. If you want to post to multiple accounts it’s just $10 per month to add up to 10 accounts. You can configure BufferApp to queue your posts and tweets and schedule them at certain times per day. For example you might wish to post once in the morning and once in the afternoon on weekdays. 

Practical Tips

  • Post the same article to all of your social media profiles
  • Once you’ve scheduled all of your posts/tweets you can rearrange them in your BufferApp account
  • Use a good mix of interesting articles and posts from your own blog
  • Keep posting the same articles if they are particularly useful
  • Check your BufferApp account to see how many of your posts attracted clicks, likes and shares

4. Socialise with Potential Customers

This is the most difficult step as you have to be genuine here and absolutely refrain from trying to sell anything. The idea is networking online, being nice and friendly, and naturally attracting clicks and shares when you post on social media. For this step  you’ll absolutely need a helping hand in the form of TweetDeck. In a nutshell it will help you to see exactly what’s going on in your niche and easily see when you’re mentioned, when someone sends you a message, and when people mention hashtags or keywords related to your niche. Read more about TweetDeck here: become a TweetDeck Pro and aim to use it a couple of times each week for 10 mins.

Quick & Easy Social Media for Business

Dedicate 30 minutes every week to following the above steps and within a few weeks you’ll find that these tasks become easier and quicker to follow. Remember that nobody knows your business like you do and nobody can promote it like you can. Share your dedication and enthusiasm on social media and et others excited about your business! I hope that following these steps makes social media easier and more achievable for you.

Please share your questions, stories and feedback below.


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